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Point-of-Sale Data
Direct Integrations or Automated Export
Integrations Available Daily Updated
Dashboards & Reporting
by Store

Remotely Managed
Connected to one
ecosystem for “one source of truth”
Commercial Grade Digital Hardware
Unique, eye-catching digital
merchandising designs
Touchscreen & Non-Touch
Options Available

The Tella Cannabis Solution is designed to provide value to both customers and employees by strategically placing digital content at each touchpoint of the customer journey.

All displays are centrally managed, meaning your budtenders don’t have to do anything! Not even turn them on!

4K Quality Graphic
Design & Animation Videography
Engaging, story-telling content
Educational messaging
designed to match you
customers’ in-store journey

Tella’s clients receive a
dedicated URL for a dynamic reporting
dashboard, which analyzes cross-channel campaigns
and performance metrics
for all marketing efforts.

Brands are looking for more ways to activate within dispensaries combined with a need for analytics.

Tella partners with brands & dispensaries to run pop-up digital merchandising programs.

Brands need better insights to their product movement & key performance metrics.
TellaClients generate monthly revenue from vendor-sponsored digital merchandising activations. Tellaalso offers this as a service, selling marketing packages to your brands on your behalf!

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